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Visit St. Jacobs

The Village of St. Jacobs is located just north of Waterloo, Ontario and is a 90 minute drive west of Toronto, Ontario and just 2 hours northwest of Buffalo, New York.  The local heritage is built on the traditions of the Mennonite order and many examples of that lifestyle remain in the area today.

St. Jacobs is a flourishing village which is home to many artisan shops, such as Angel Treasures, as well as places to experience, eat and relax.  The Village comes to life daily, but thrives on "market days" when local farmers, many of them of Mennonite heritage, offer their produce and wares at the world famous Farmers' Market.  The Market is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday and Saturday year round, and on Tuesday from June to August.

The area is rich enough in local culture and shopping that often one day is not enough to sample all that it has to offer.  For those who would like to visit the area for multiple days, there are several local bed and breakfasts and small hotels available at reasonable rates.

One unique local adventure is the Waterloo Central Railway ride from Waterloo to St. Jacobs.  Travellers can take a vintage railway train from Waterloo, spend time shopping and touring St. Jacobs and then take a return trip to Waterloo.  For more information on this follow this link.

Each year, in November, St. Jacobs lights up during the "Sparkles" holiday season event.  Shops open up into the evening displaying amazing Christmas lighting and offering holiday specials.  When safe to do so, the town also offers live Christmas carollers and horse-drawn carriage rides for visitors.  The event runs in 2021 from November 12 through 28.


Here are some of the destinations which are a must for the visitor to St. Jacobs: 

Self-Guided Tour of Mennonite Country

Driving Tour of Woolwich Township

Horse Drawn Buggy Tours of Mennonite Farm

Local bridge tour including the "Kissing Bridge"  

Trails and parks in Woolwich Township

St. Jacobs Model Railway

St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

St. Jacobs Schoolhouse Theatre

Waterloo Central Railway Museum